July 20, 2016

About IndianGeeks Network

IndianGeeks Network is a small but growing network of blogs, YouTube Channels serving high quality, problem-solving content to the awesome people like you. It’s founded and managed by Govind Choudhary. IndianGeeks Network has blogs like LatestOnNet.com, FacebookFever.com, LatestLaunches.com active right now.


We also provide services for your online presence; from naming to generating sales and revenue. We’re a team of best Geeks from India, having vast experience in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Domaining, Web Development and Branding. We’re also into brokering domains and we ourself owns a good portfolio of domains.

Govind Choudhary – Founder


Govind Choudhary is the founder of IndianGeeks Network. Initially, Govind registered IndianGeeks Network with a different intention in mind, and that was to bring all the IndianGeeks at one place and help the newbies in different fields related to computers, the Internet, education and everything. Now, also we have got the same aim to help the Indian newbies as much as possible, and we’re also planning to train them in different fields. But side by side, we also started providing affordable online services in the fields in which we’re real Geeks.

Govind Choudhary is a blogger since his high school, Former Microsoft Student Partner, Internet Marketer, biker (Owns Suzuki Blue Gixxer and dream of getting Harley soon), Domain Investor (Holds a good portfolio of domains and sold few in great ROI), Striving Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer (Affiliated with the top US and UK e-commerce stores) and Proud Indian.

Loves to hang out with friends, long bike rides, traveling solo, addicted to movies and music, Tech lover, wannabe photographer and crazy about startups.

You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn.