latestonnet.com_logo is the first blog founded by Govind Choudhary (Founder IG Network) when he was in school days. The blog now covers the latest Tech News, Gadgets Reviews, Blogging Tips, Affiliate Resources, SEO tips and Social Media Marketing.

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Facebook | Twitter | Google+ – The Unofficial Facebook Blog!


After getting the¬†great response on Facebook updates and Resources posts on, Govind decided to create a separate portal for all Facebook updates and Marketing Resources and this is how was born back in 2012. It’s now the favorite online destination for Facebook addicts and social media¬†marketing enthusiasts.

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Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube – The Launch Magazine


In 2014, another Web Blog born at IndianGeeks HQ at India’s Silicon Valley – Bangalore. as the name refers, Govind created it to cover all the Latest Launches at one place, no matter it’s an Audi’s latest car or Apple latest product but due to time constraint and not finding good writers, he unable to cover all the latest launch. He’s still in hunt of passionate writers, if you’re one of them don’t forget to ping him at

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Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube – Cricket Matches Analysis and Prediction


PredictX is a platform for the crazy cricket fans. The platform tends to give cricket lovers an insight into the up and coming matches, reports on the cricketing events currently taking place and analysis on concluded cricket matches. Our team of cricket experts also predicts the cricket matches including daily IPL matches after the complete analysis of the teams, players, ground, key players, and a lot of other factors.

There are few more blogs and websites we own but sorry, we can’t mention here. We’re also working on a custom portal that will make your day to day online shopping easier. So, stay tuned for the updates.